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Into the Now - Post BTVS/ATS Original Rp
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The last slayer was killed, and not another has been called since. She was only 14. The sun went out around the same time, as if all hope was lost. We have lost control over a world that we once controlled. The last seer was killed during the last days, beheaded in order to make their death permanent. The choice to interfere in the matters of the universe was made, and The First Evil was eliminated, permanently. Now we watch over a dead world, one where nightmares have overwhelmed dreams and humans are only ghosts of what they once were. Representatives of evil roam the earth freely, and the population dwindles. Yet, we can not interfere...directly.

There are survivors, ones we brought to the now...unfortunate ones who have seen their friends, families and loved ones slaughtered after induring horrors. Unlikely creatures...who have lost all 'cept the will to fight, despite the reluctance of others. So we have chosen to use these few, use their knowledge, their hopes, their dreams, and even their anger. Use these qualities to our advantage to bring life back to our world.

In what is to come, we place our trust and our faith, hoping that they will succeed where we have failed. We are the Powers That Be...yet the question asked to finish are title remains 'what?'

This is a dark, kinda big, almost epic btvs/ats/originalchars RP that takes place after chosen and the end of Angel S5. The First Evil was not defeated as originally thought, it was brought back into exsistance by the Senior Partners, who it turns out, were the dark and evil version of the Powers That Be. When the First Evil was brought back, it basically yes...took over the world to a certain extent.

Giles was one of the first of the scoobies to die in the final battle, followed by Buffy who was followed by Faith. Then Andrew died trying to protect Dawn. Willow survived on her own the longest, coming into her own as a conduit for the Power That Be, their 'liason' to the forces of good. Dawn was captured, and so that she didn't have to suffer, Willow/Power That Be returned her to her key state. Xander, well was the longest out of the scoobies to survive without powers, he finally was almost killed but Willow put his body in a state of stasis almost, and he became coma boy. So out of this gang, Willow did survive the longest, past the end of the battle and she was used to defeat the First permanently, and in doing so gave her own life. When she died, Xander remained in his coma.

In the Fang Gang, Angel and Spike were major fighters in the war, Gunn survived the main fight ( the one that took place at the end of Angel) however he did die soon after. Illyria...nobody knows quite what happened to her but she was captured somehow and extracted from her 'shell' Fred coming back to actually outlive Spike, but only because he sacrificed himself to save her and Angel. After Spike's death, Angel spent his time trying to keep Fred alive, and when Fred became the seer, he worked extra hard. He did die before Fred was captured and beheaded. After her dead, Willow did the big sacrifice herself spell to kill the First.

The Slayer line seemed to taper off, the slayers dropping like flies during the 'purge' otherwise known as the final battle. And the last living slayer, a small girl named 'Katrina' died...her neck snapped by a demon, and this was after the battle ended.

The world is like a demon infested hell, vampires...demons other evil beings roaming freely and taking victims as they please. The humans on the earth have become a small and pale race of people, living in villages and slowly dying off as well.

This is the world Xander was woke up into. More than 100 years after the battle, and he was awakened by the newest chosen seer, an unfortunate psychic young man who survived the purge only because he was in a coma. The Powers woke him up.

Now, the Powers are bringing back their 'warriors' of old. The Scoobies, The Fang Gang...other people as well to bring order and life back to earth. They are bringing them back from the time before the great battle so Post Chosen, and Mid Season 5 of Angel. Bringing them into a world very much unlike the one the one in their times. Into their future.

Into the Now.

~ Characters Open ~
Feature Characters

Xander - nopowersguy
Buffy - Taken
Dawn - summers_key
Faith - Taken
Willow -
Giles - giles_incarnate
Andrew -
Angel -
Spike -
Fred - wini_fredburkle
Wesley - _wes_pryce_

( Any other BTVS or ATS characters that are not listed here but you want to play and think you can find a way to work them into the plot...feel free to apply for them too, no promises they will be accepted but never hurts to ask)

Original Characters

Naeva - Taken (Not the happy silly gay man most know, he's empathic and now a seer....100% human and now crazy)

You may apply for OCs but at the moment we don't need many, humans that live in the now can be played however, male or female...not important just keep in mind they are childlike, innocent beings, pale and almost inhuman. For the plot, we will need OC warlocks or witches, but these are not needed just yet...they just will be. Also, you can email me a chia_sano @ yahoo. com if you want to play an Evil OC, that way they can stay surprises for the other players.

To Apply, you must first join the OOC community at thenowooc and post your Name, Character Wanted, Contact info and a writing sample. If you are applying for an OC, then to emailing me their bio, or giving a link to their bio or posting their bio would be appreciated unless you are apping for a 'in the now' human, and in that case just need a name and a writing sample.

After you are accepted, please join the IC community and you may post their arrival. You will need to read the response to your app that you get from me when approved because it will contain very important information about how your char is to arrive.

~ Rules

* Please Try To Post Once a Week at least...failure to keep this rule will result in severe pouting by me. Oh, and some prodding with a skewer...and if that fails, yes I will then proceed to cry, and I look ugly when I cry. So please, if you can't post for some reason...let us know on the OOC community so people aren't waiting and waiting and the rp is held up and all goes to hell in a pretty basket.

* Spellcheck is wonderful. Very niiiiiiice and goooooood. Yes, I don't have the best spelling but I try my bestest ( shut up, this is now a word). Typos happen to everybody but please use Spellcheck.

* Do not use chatspeak in IC posts, oocly...its okay, but ICly...*sighs* Chatspeak makes baby fairies drop dead.

* IC stuff is to go in RP journal, OOC stuff is to go in the OOC journal. See? Easy rule there.

* There is a very very strong possibility that there will be slash and/or het...but all these things are to be put behind lj cuts, the same with extremely graphic violent scenes. I don't want to set an age limit rating on the community, but there will be swearing and other such stuff so...just be responsible for what you are reading okay? And be respectful of other people. When in doubt? Use lj cut.

* No Godmoding, ya know...controlling other people's chars without asking them. I'm the Game Mod, I *have* to manipulate certain chars to get the storyline to stay flowing...but ya know...no killing anybody off, or beating the shit out of them...or going all hulk and smashing down buildings.

* NO DRAMA. Leave the drama for your mama, okay...this is not the place for it. Bitch in your own LJ or whatever if you have a problem, or better yet? Come to me with your problem and I'll try to resolve things. Chars will die, maybe not stay dead, but they *will* die and get hurt...and etc...but not without talking with their player first. So, there would be no room for complaining. So no room for Drama.

* Have fun, but remember...failure to follow these simple rules will result in me opening a can of crouching tiger hidden dragon on your ass...whilst beating you with a frozen taco.

*Thank you for reading my rules.

Okay, that's all said and done. Right, well I'm yer mod chia_sano Any questions or concerns, hit me up at chia_sano @ yahoo. com ( without the spaces) Have fun!