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Wake up call... - Into The Now — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Into the Now - Post BTVS/ATS Original Rp

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Wake up call... [Jan. 8th, 2005|04:16 pm]
Into the Now - Post BTVS/ATS Original Rp


[Emotional State |confusedconfused]

Bloody buggering hell, I'm so cold. Why am I cold? I remember dying. "Aren't I dead?" I groan. I don't feel particularly dead. One isn't supposed to be cold when dead is one? Then why am I shivering? And feeling cold, so bloody cold. Bringing up a hand, I groan at the stiffness in my limbs. I press my fingers against my throat and for a few antagonizing minutes I suck in my breath. Heartbeat. It would appear I've a heartbeat. Slowly breathing out it occurs to me that I apparently need to breath as well.

So, not dead then. How very odd. I distinctly remember dying.

"Would you like me to lie to you now?"

"Yes, please. Thank you."

Prying one eye open, I glance around carefully. I seem to be in some sort of...wooden contraption. A cabin perhaps? Pushing myself into a sitting position I open both eyes and look around confused. This doesn't make any sense at all. I brush my hands over my legs and that is when I notice something else. Blinking down I shake my head. "Well, that would explain why I'm cold." Someone seem to have a very odd sense of humor. Someone who apparently found it terribly amusing to bring me back from the dead and dropped me of god only knows where.

Carefully getting up, I wince as my bones and muscles creak a bit. How long haven't I used them? I can't remember anything between dying and waking up. I narrow my eyes when I see light pouring out something that might be a window. There's some sort of fabric covering it. Padding over I pull it away and glance out the window. Only to be more confused.

Trees, nothing but trees. And from the look of it, this...hut? Appears to be in a tree as well. This is getting stranger and stranger. "What the bloody hell is going on here?" I mutter. I look back confused when I notice another figure in the corner of the room. It would seem I'm not alone, but I can't make out who it is. Better be careful, since being naked also gives me the disadvantage of being weaponless. At least whomever this is appears to be in their birthday suit as well.

(Open for Faith)

[User Picture]From: faith_and_hope
2005-01-09 07:46 pm (UTC)
"A tree cabin?" I glance around the small room we are in and see nothing but creepy things and rags.

"I dunno about you, but I'm completely lost." I sit down across from him and sigh. What happened? The last thing I remember is well, dying. Flat out, drop dead, dying.

"Uber vamps..." I mumble as all my memories come back to me.

"Do you have any idea where we are?"
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[User Picture]From: _wes_pryce_
2005-01-09 09:07 pm (UTC)
She's lost? Well, that's hardly news now is it? She's been lost for a long time. But she had found herself in prison again as it were. I still remember the Faith that stood by my side when we took on Angelus.

Damn, it's getting cold here. Must be the wind blowing so high in the tree. And these were some very high trees. Almost reminded me of a documentary I'd seen on Discovery once. Or was it National Geographic? Anyway, it was about sequoia trees. These reminded me a bit of them.

"We're in a tree," I deadpan, giving her a dry look. I'd already mentioned that hadn't I? "I've no idea where we are Faith. I was hoping you might know." Should've known better there shouldn't I?

"I suppose we could get up and see if we can get out of this cabin." Which would mean walking around naked. Ah well, can't really be bothered by that these days. Whatever these days are. Or is that whenever?
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[User Picture]From: faith_and_hope
2005-01-10 08:15 am (UTC)
"Ya, got the tree part. Just wondering where are we? Hell? Heaven or somewhere in between?"

I suppose we could get up and see if we can get out of this cabin."

"If you want to wonder around naked ya can!" I wink at him as I stand up and walk up to something that looks like a bed.

"Here." I grab a blanket that's made out of some kind of fur and throw it at him.

"Wear that." I grab another piece of fur and wrap it along with quickly making a knot to keep it up.

"No more naked." I say turning around with a huge smile on my face. This felt a bit better and a little more comfortable than being butt-naked in front of Wesley.

"So, out of this tree cabin? I wonder if we're dealing with insane children?"
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[User Picture]From: _wes_pryce_
2005-01-10 08:25 am (UTC)
Catching the...fur, I raise my eyebrows at it. With a sigh I tie it around my waist. "I feel like a bloody caveman," I mutter. This is ridiculos, walking around barefoot with nothing but a fur to protect our modesty while we're staying in a huge tree, with cabins in it.

To say that this was rather mysterious would be an understatement.

Carefully I walk over to the door. Giving Faith a confused glance over my shoulder, I blink at her. "Insane Children? Never mind," I shake my head at her, "I don't want to know."

Opening the door, I glance outside sucking in my breath. It would seem there's an entire village of treehouses around us, with small walking bridges between them. Large houses, smaller ones. How very strange. There doesn't seem to be anyone around though. But if the state of these cabins are anything to go by, there should be.

"Come on," I whisper over toward Faith, sneaking out of the cabin. The wind is cold and with nothing but a piece of fur and on bare feet, it's even colder. And I've no weapon with me, which makes me slightly uneasy. Of course, having a Slayer around is a very good thing.
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From: nopowersguy
2005-01-10 09:52 am (UTC)
A small pale man stood outside of his home, preparing to enter. Then his bright green eyes widened almost comically as he brushed black hair out of his eyes and peered at the strange looking humans exiting his home. What the hell...? Okay, so that wasn't the exact translation of his exclamation, but it was close as he adjusted his water skin.

Blinking he remembered humans like that from somewhere...they had come to visit, to talk to the leaders for a few days before leaving. Swallowing he extended a hand like the one eyed man had taught him. "H-ahrlo." Waryness in his eyes he took a few steps closer, hand still extended.

They were thicker than he was...were they ill? He frowned in concern. He'd have to check...but after they perform the secret greeting of 'handshaking'.
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[User Picture]From: _wes_pryce_
2005-01-10 08:53 pm (UTC)
Taking a step back, I blink at the little fellow right in front of us. He doesn't look threatening, but appearance isn't everything. Just look at Faith. No never mind, bad example. She can look very threatening, especially when she's hovering above you with a piece of glass in her hand. Or light and a can of gas.

Pushing away those thoughts, I glance at the small...man, creature, thing. He's making a strange sound, which could've been a greeting. It sounded a bit like 'hello' if I'm not mistaken. Perhaps he knows English? Wouldn't that be smashing, he could perhaps enlighten us about what was going on here.

Sharing a look with Faith, I carefully reach out to touch his hand. Clasping it carefully, it's such a small hand, I shake it gently a few time. "Err...Hello," I nod at him. Might as well get the proper greeting over right away. "Faith," I point at her, "And I'm Wesley," I point at myself. "And you are...?" And what in the bloody blazes is going on here?
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[User Picture]From: faith_and_hope
2005-01-11 03:14 am (UTC)
We walk out of the cabin cautiously and what do I see? More cabins. Lots more. It was like a huge town of some sort. Odd though that they're in tree's.

"What the hell?" I shake my head as I notice a man approaching us. I raise my fists and wait for something to happen. He's small, which means I can tale him easily.


"Say what?" I watch as the little man holds out his hand.

"Alright." I give Wesley a look which we both exchange. I think we're both confused.

Wes cautiously shook hands and introduced both of us. Could he speak english?

"Hi, like he said, I'm Faith." I moved closer and stopped behind Wes, noticing how small the guy really was.
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From: nopowersguy
2005-01-11 06:45 am (UTC)
They were safe, atleast in his mind a he withdrew his hand, letting it drop to his side. They were speaking to him, and the little man's head cocked to the side like a little bird's before his eyes widened slightly in comprehension. They were saying their name sounds.

He offered his waterskin to the male looking human before taking a few steps back and turning to face the two. A small hand was placed on his chest before he slowly prounounced his name. "Ni-van." Then he pointed at each of the strangers in turn. "Wesri, Fae." His translation of the names.

Babbling on in his musical like language he started back down the wood and woven vine path before pausing and motioning for them to follow him. They needed to be taken to the leaders. The leaders would know what to do with them.

Besides...they were wearing sleeping furs for clothing. They might've been loose mentally.
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[User Picture]From: _wes_pryce_
2005-01-11 08:33 am (UTC)
Even though I was clueless as to what the hell was going on here, I was quite amused by the little fellows efforts to talk English. "Nivan," I repeated the name. "Nice to meet you." O smiled a little and noticed that hurt his face. God, how long had I been...dead?

After sharing a look with Faith, I followed the litlle man...Nivan... while he weaved his way through the cross cross of paths. He was talking in a language I didn't recognize, but the linguist in me was already perking up. Trying to catch a word here and there.

"I suppose you can't tell us where we are or what's going on either?" I tried, not having any trouble keeping up with Nivan. I glanced over my shoulder at Faith who seemed to be looking around in awe. And I must admit that I was quite impressed with the structure of this village myself.
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[User Picture]From: faith_and_hope
2005-01-11 09:16 am (UTC)
This place is huge. It's look an old age L.A. or something.


"I'll take that as my name." I mumble as I look towards Wes and the little guy who are- now moving? I follow slowly behind, still looking around at everything I can see. So many bridges, torches and- hell, everything. It's like I'm in a completely new place.

As I walked behind, I could feel my bones ache and make weird noises as I moved. I'm not used to walking anymore. I'm not even used to breathing and here I am, doing it.

"I suppose you can't tell us where we are or what's going on either?"

"Ya, do you think you could tell us?" I chirped from behind Wes. They were walking fast while I absorbed everything around. This place, unlike any other, is amazing.

But on the other hand, it's a new place and I need to know my surroundings.
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From: nopowersguy
2005-01-12 10:54 am (UTC)
They were making sounds again like talking and the little man paused before making walking motions with his hand and then standing up as tall as he good and puffing out his chest before reslumping and smiling. He was taking them to the leaders. Then he was back to yammering in his own language, some derriviation of old english and latin just advanced and modified.

Pausing to grab a torch and hand it to the manshaped fur human, Nivan's head tilted to the side at the question and he hmmed softly before continuing further into the tree village, and it grew darker, the light dim before they came to a circle of houses, almost like a town square.

Then, the pale man seemed to turn even paler. For in the square were dead ones, being wrapped in oil cloth. He glanced back at his guests before walking down into the square and staring at the ones who would awake as a nightmare. Then he looked to the fire before looking back sadly at Wesri and Fae. He stared for a while trying to remember the word sound. Finally he sighed softly. "Vanire." He paused before pointing to the fire and adding in his language. Not wake up...
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[User Picture]From: _wes_pryce_
2005-01-12 07:22 pm (UTC)
This place is huge, and beyond impressive. I wonder though where the humans are. How many time we've missed, what happened to the world. And it doesn't seem that Nivan was about to tell us. Or couldn't, I'm not sure.

Accepting the torch, I frown a little and look back at Faith. Without thinking about it, I grab hold of her hand and tug her behind me. I really don't wish to loose her in the dark, she's the only one I know. And as stupid as it sound, I seem to cling to that. "Stay close...Fae," I snicker, unable to keep the small barb from escaping.

When we reach this, for lack of a better word...town square, I stop and exchange a look with Faith. They're burning those people because they were attacked by vampires. "Vampires," I mutter. "Some things never change." Damn them. But if they're still around, then humans might be as well. "I'm sorry for your loss," I say to Nivan."
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[User Picture]From: faith_and_hope
2005-01-13 05:45 am (UTC)
We seemed to walk forever. I didn't mind but it was fricken freezing. I mean, having no shoes wasn't really doing any good.

I glance forward and I feel a hand grab mine and tug me forward. Wes was holding my hand. In an odd way, it was comforting. This place was creepy dark and I could barely see.

After a bit of more walking, we reached a place that was circular and looked the centre of things. A town sqaure possibly?


I nod a bit and look at the bodies that they are preparing to- burn? I think they're doing that.

"Seems I may have to do some work around here afterall." I let go of Wesley's hand and walk towards the bodies.

"Do you think they know other methods?" I stop in front of a half wrapped body and look at it's face. Female and very young.

"I think," I say turning back to Wesley and our little friend, "we should show them how to kill them later." I wink at him as I walk up to him and grab his hand, holding his this time.

"I guess, let's continue?"
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