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Into the Now - Post BTVS/ATS Original Rp

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Wake up call... [Jan. 8th, 2005|04:16 pm]
Into the Now - Post BTVS/ATS Original Rp


[Emotional State |confusedconfused]

Bloody buggering hell, I'm so cold. Why am I cold? I remember dying. "Aren't I dead?" I groan. I don't feel particularly dead. One isn't supposed to be cold when dead is one? Then why am I shivering? And feeling cold, so bloody cold. Bringing up a hand, I groan at the stiffness in my limbs. I press my fingers against my throat and for a few antagonizing minutes I suck in my breath. Heartbeat. It would appear I've a heartbeat. Slowly breathing out it occurs to me that I apparently need to breath as well.

So, not dead then. How very odd. I distinctly remember dying.

"Would you like me to lie to you now?"

"Yes, please. Thank you."

Prying one eye open, I glance around carefully. I seem to be in some sort of...wooden contraption. A cabin perhaps? Pushing myself into a sitting position I open both eyes and look around confused. This doesn't make any sense at all. I brush my hands over my legs and that is when I notice something else. Blinking down I shake my head. "Well, that would explain why I'm cold." Someone seem to have a very odd sense of humor. Someone who apparently found it terribly amusing to bring me back from the dead and dropped me of god only knows where.

Carefully getting up, I wince as my bones and muscles creak a bit. How long haven't I used them? I can't remember anything between dying and waking up. I narrow my eyes when I see light pouring out something that might be a window. There's some sort of fabric covering it. Padding over I pull it away and glance out the window. Only to be more confused.

Trees, nothing but trees. And from the look of it, this...hut? Appears to be in a tree as well. This is getting stranger and stranger. "What the bloody hell is going on here?" I mutter. I look back confused when I notice another figure in the corner of the room. It would seem I'm not alone, but I can't make out who it is. Better be careful, since being naked also gives me the disadvantage of being weaponless. At least whomever this is appears to be in their birthday suit as well.

(Open for Faith)

[User Picture]From: faith_and_hope
2005-01-13 05:45 am (UTC)
We seemed to walk forever. I didn't mind but it was fricken freezing. I mean, having no shoes wasn't really doing any good.

I glance forward and I feel a hand grab mine and tug me forward. Wes was holding my hand. In an odd way, it was comforting. This place was creepy dark and I could barely see.

After a bit of more walking, we reached a place that was circular and looked the centre of things. A town sqaure possibly?


I nod a bit and look at the bodies that they are preparing to- burn? I think they're doing that.

"Seems I may have to do some work around here afterall." I let go of Wesley's hand and walk towards the bodies.

"Do you think they know other methods?" I stop in front of a half wrapped body and look at it's face. Female and very young.

"I think," I say turning back to Wesley and our little friend, "we should show them how to kill them later." I wink at him as I walk up to him and grab his hand, holding his this time.

"I guess, let's continue?"
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