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Break from the Crazy - Into The Now — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Into the Now - Post BTVS/ATS Original Rp

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Break from the Crazy [Jan. 6th, 2005|06:24 pm]
Into the Now - Post BTVS/ATS Original Rp
[Emotional State |contemplativecontemplative]

Two little little people rushed by, the skinny midgets running like weird deers. No, maybe like a were-deer...were there such things as were-deer? These days...I wouldn't be surprised. Speaking in their musical like language and giggling they zig zagged between nesting spots dissapearing towards the back of the caves and fading from my sight. Chuckling I carefully sat the bucket of water at Uora's nest, catching a glimpse of my reflection in the water, my now to my shoulders hair falling into my eyes. With a sigh, I brushed the annoying strands out of my face, crouching to adjust the grateful looking young woman's blanket. She stared at me with wide dark green eyes, her pink lips parting in a soft smile and I clasped her outstretched hand. "Hey Uora...how's Lump doing..." I grinned as I gestured towards her swollen belly. She was bedridden, something about the pains and the baby being too late...so the time I spent with her each morning, bringing her water or other supplies was more than worth it. Listening to her hesitent responses to my inquiries, I gave her hand a quick squeeze before standing up and continuing my way deeper into the caves.

My hand moved to scratch the skin around my empty eye socket, it itched sometimes...more often than not seeing as my patch had given out a while again, I still had the fibers from it. At my side a small little man or maybe boy...it was hard to tell, he followed me jabbering away in his language and I nodded idly, picking out words of importance as he gave the casualty numbers. We had lost 2 more in the last raid, we would've lost more if it hadn't of been for Vision Boy's seeing freaky shit before it happened skills. "Right then...if Uora has twins, that gap'll be filled. Problem solved. What's next on the agenda?" I joked dryly...sarcastically, finding no humor in the situation or my lameass attempt at a subject lightener. Hey, atleast I tried...since I...try.

The man left as I ducked into the nook I called home, the thin scrap of cloth in the entry way falling behind me as. "Honey...I'm home..." Smiling wryly I let my eyes adjust to the dim light, searching for the familiar figure pressed tightly into a corner, whimpering as usual.

He did that often, whimpering that is. Sometimes he could be coaxed out of his corner, but not often. If I wasn't there, he wouldn't eat. "Naaaeeeeeeva...." I singsonged teasingly as I idly crushed the berry and grain mixture stuff that people ate, the paste rolled into little balls or patted into small cakes as I listened to incoherant babble make it's way into his whimpering.

"Jargoth demon, lake, 4 babies. Small woman, small woman and strong, red hair, red hair pretty red hair and glasses, glasses and leather, leather and lace, smells nice...sex, sex and booze, hair gel, hair gel is the way to go, to go and glasses and leather..." The cream colored man's hand flew to his head as he rocked himself. He had been babbling like that for the last past months, but when asked 'what the hell are you talking about man?' he'd just scoot out a bit to collect his food and go back to his corner, fingers moving over an invisible keyboard as he stared blankly.

"So...had another full day then? Yeah, yeah Xan I did, thank you for asking...how was your day? Oh...dangerous and painful as usual, the bodies were right where you said they'd be. Ew.. Yeah, I know gross right?" I paused...sighing at the patheticness of carrying on a conversation with myself. "You hungry?" I asked roughly, slapping the berrygrainy diet cakes onto a clean piece of clay pottery that served as a plate.

Then he looked at me, his hazel eyes gazing far off. "Do..do you remember Ice Cream?"

I had to pause, frowning and staring at him. "Uh, yeah."

"I remember Ice Cream, it was cold..."

Handing him his plate I nodded slowly, sitting back with my own breakfast...dinner, whatever and listening to the psychic babble on about Ice Cream, not stopping him...just encouraging him with soft 'yeah' and 'unhuhs' and the occasional laugh. Even when he started singing softly about Ice Cream I said nothing...it was a welcomed break from all the talk about death and impending doom.

Everybody needs a break from the crazy every now and then.