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I lay there, shivering in the cold. My eyes started to explore my… - Into The Now — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Into the Now - Post BTVS/ATS Original Rp

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[Jan. 8th, 2005|11:08 pm]
Into the Now - Post BTVS/ATS Original Rp
I lay there, shivering in the cold. My eyes started to explore my surroundings, everything was blurry at first but as things started to clear up I found myself a bit shaken up. The rocks surrounded me like a cage and the ground was dripping with water. I scurried over to one of the rocks as I felt myself start to panic. My memories were not the same, the were mingled together, and altered in some ways. Where was I? What am I doing here?

None of this made any sense, I knew I had been gone but I didn't know exactly where I was. There was lights, I could remember that much. I wrapped my arms around myself to keep warm. My eyes stayed focused on my surrounding as memories of my past started to come back. None of it really made much sense.. I remembered dying or atleast I remembered dying twice. My body shivered as a drop of water fell onto my back.

There was suffering, I could remember that much.. I could remember it well. Mostly there was just them, all of them. When I had gone at first, when I had died there was only him.. But when he had died, there was only me or atleast someone like me. I held myself tighter as I searched for something to cover me up. There was nothing, no leaves, no tree skins just solid rock.

I stood up, searching for atleast the next best thing. The confusion I was going through seemed as though it'd never stop. With my mind racing I tried harder to focus on one task as to stop from thinking. After walking through the cave I was surprised to find a bag of some sorts. It was old and a little on the wrinkly side. I ripped out a few holes and just by luck is was enough to cover me up.

I paid close attention to the cave walls as I started to notice writing on them. I carefully walked over to them, the markings weren't familiar at first. There were mainly just of people, some with names and dates. The outline of people in chalk were simple, The ones that had been crossed out obviously had died. There were so many I couldn't have time to read them all, and several of them were mainly crossed out.

The most recent was...2104.. I stepped back wondering what exactly was going on. The last date I possibly could remember before..before all of this, that was 2008. I scooted into a corner as I held onto my head. A flash of the axe popped into my brain and it wouldn't stop. The clinging noise it made right before..What's happening to me..

{open to the Naeva}

From: wini_fredburkle
2005-01-09 07:39 am (UTC)
I sat there shaking, I looked up when I saw a guy approach me. He called me by my name, I stared him wondering how exactly he knew of this. I started to find him odd from the get go but what left his mouth next shocked me. Immediately I crossed my arms and legs, I didn't know exactly what else he had seen.

"Oh My you're a little blunt, aren't you?"

I paused as I stared at him. I had no recollection of him, I hadn't seen him before and I wondered how exactly he knew me. I moved, trying to distance myself from him, with the things I could remember, before I died there was no trust between anyone.

"How do you know me? Why are you here? I don't have anything or know of anything for that matter..."

A flash of my past shuttered inside me, he was there trying to help me like he always does. He fought to save me, Angel tried he really did but he was too late.. They staked him before we both had the chance to escape. I remembered screaming out to him, I wanted so badly to save him but I was too late. I grabbed my head as I felt tears starting to build up,

"What's happening to me? What has happened to me? Where am I?"

I had so many questions, so many un answered questions. I felt a great deal of emotions as I sat there, the memories started to pour in faster than before. The heartache, deaths, torture and pain were the only things that stood out. Happiness was one thing I didn't remember..

"Am I alone?"
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[User Picture]From: gaygeekypretty
2005-01-11 07:14 am (UTC)
She asked so many questions. So many questions and my head was sore now because she wasn't happy and her thoughts were jumbled in her head because she was remembering things and it was painful. I bit my bottom lip waiting for her last question before shifting to hug the girl. "Aww...don't worry. I have them too." I offered her a soft smile, lifting my shirt with one hand to show her my own nipples. "But I have boy ones because I'm a boy."

I paused before removing the shirt all the way and offering it to her. If I was a girl, I wouldn't want my nipples showing either. They'd be cold I think. "I'm glad you're here now. They told me people were coming and you're one of the smart ones, but you have a funny name and your hair isn't blueish anymore and you're smart. That's a good thing. I used to be smart, I can show you my computer one day, nobody can see it but me...but I'll show you."

I patted her knee comfortingly. "You can be my friend and I'll take care of you and you don't have to be scared, or alone because there are alot of other people here too. But they aren't like normal people."

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From: wini_fredburkle
2005-01-13 05:35 pm (UTC)
I moved away from, all of this was beginning to be too much for me. My head was racing and I wasn't sure but I had the suspicion that he possible could be a tad bit weird. I kept my eyes on him trying harder to focus on him. As He offered me his shirt I slowly reached out my hand and took it.

I quickly put it on as I listened to what he had to say. Although it was jingled together I started to slowly understand what he was saying. I clinched tightly to the shirt and my body.

"You have visions?"

A lot of people? There was actual people in these caves. I shook my head,

"These people do happen to know where they might be..Can we see them"

I had all these questions of what has happened since I was gone. I knew it would possibly be hard to understand him so I held myself from asking. I slowly stood up."

"Am I the only one to come back?"
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